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For New Years 2014 we decided on a road trip to Budapest with some friends. Three of our friends to be precise. We also Joro also decided that we’ll go with his BMW 3 Coupe. Now, if you’re into cars as much as I am, this probably doesn’t speak anything to you but let me explain. This is a sports car supposed to fit 4 people max. No rhetoric was convincing enough to make him agree on driving our friend’s car which was obviously way more spacious and suitable for more than 2 people. Read that as – our 10 hour drive to Budapest was tight, inconvenient and I ended up with a lower back trauma. But, all the pain was well worth it.

We had booked the most amazing loft-turned-inspiration-for-our-future-home. To my doubtful self, the apartment seemed too good to be true, but I was relieved when we found out that it was real and looked even better live. If you ever decide to head to Budapest, book this apartment.

I highly recommend Budapest – it has everything for every taste. If you’re into aristocratic architecture and baroque is close to your heart, there’s a ton to admire and explore. After all, they call Budapest Paris of the East. I am more into urban culture and industrial art makes my heart burst, so I had a lot of pitter-patter in Budapest.

Given Budapest history of long communist regime, the double nazi and socialists occupation during and after WWII and the fact that is has been demolished brutally twice, it is remarkable how fast the city has recovered and how much it has to offer today.

The two things I like best for Budapest are the Jewish quarter and the ruin pubs. Unfortunately, my little iPhone 4 didn’t do great with the ruin pub pictures, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

If you only have a day in Budapest, the one bar you should totally go to is “For Sale Pub” – they have the biggest supplies of free peanuts and so yum and huge meals! Pro tip: the full meals are definitely to share, so if you’re on your own, make sure to ask for half portions.

New Year’s Eve in Budapest was simply beautiful. And cold.

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